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EAR TAPERS - newly discoverd natural therapy on the age-old prescriptions analogue to Chinese MOXA.

Svazek svící ve džbánu

Ear tapers are made by hand from composite of beeswax, rosemary, lavender, juniper and other plants in form of ethereal oils and natural linen fibrous material even in this time.

Krabička svící

In China, the EAR TAPERS are used in the case of: irritations of ear and respective cavities, chronic aches of ear and head, sensation of pressure in ears and head, bad headache, irritability and stress symptoms as a result of vegetative disorders, sinusitis and rhinitis, insufficient blood circulation of ear, energic revitalisation at defective hearing, local and reflexive activation of metabolism and lymphatic circulation, stimulation of energic flow, total reinforcement of the immunity system of organism.

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