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EAR TAPERS - more about, FAQ:

What is the Ear Taper?

The LUCIE Ear Taper is a natural relaxing agent using effects of herbs and heat from burning taper to improve the ear blood circulation. It can be used for removing the sleeping disorder as well as for general relaxation of organism.

What stuff is the Ear Taper made of?

The LUCIE Ear Taper is made of natural fabric impregnated with starch, beeswax and herbal oils having in combinations sedative effects. Lower part of taper is covered with foil on which the undesirable secrets from ear are settled down.

How the Ear Tapers work?

Smoke of burning taper, saturated with oil, decreases to inside of ear where it acts. It compensates pressure in auricular cavities, relieves tensions in ear and head, lets down sediments, stimulates natural creation of ear wax. During application the client feels pleasantly, he perceives heat and fine crackingin the ear, after removal of taper he can hear better.
Heat from taper even warms up microsystem of external ear and by this it acts on the reflex zones being influenced positively with this stimulation. It mitigates course of illness connected with cold, it regulates the cleaning activity of the ear lymphatic drainage.

What is the use of The Ear Tapers?

The LUCIE Ear Tapers with the herbal oil are helpful in cases of:
 chronic state of hearing impairment
 head buzzing
 migraine, bad headache

Consult your physician on the  ways of use  the LUCIE Ear Tapers for a supportive therapy of specific health problems.

How to use
the Ear Tapers?

The lighted taper is inserted vertically with the not burning end into the ear of a client laying on his side and it is held all that time upright to external ear, set firmly in ear, to prevent the smoke leakage on sides. After burning-out about ¾ of taper (to the foil), this is taken out from the ear and put out in the prepared glass with water. Rests of ear wax, not settled down on foil, are removed from external ear with wooden, metallic or plastic stick (spatula). Each time both ears are treated; after finishing the therapy let the client relax some more minutes. Taper can be applied to the children from six years of age.

CAREFUL: Keep safety regulations while working with open fire! Use the Ear Tapers in the presence of another person only!

DOSING: Use once a week, to the right and left ear, for 5 weeks.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: They are not known in general, however the tapers are not applied after the recent ear-drum perforation or possibly allergy to the contained natural matters.

Is the Ear Taper a medical tool?

The LUCIE Ear Tapers of BIOFOS comply with the law stipulations of general safety of products.
This product is not a medical tool in the meaning of the law of medical products and tools.
With the agreement of you physician it is possible to apply the Ear Tapers as an auxiliary medical treatment when having certain health problems.

What kind of Ear Tapers are available and what is the use of them?

With the agreement of your physician it is possible to apply this agent as an auxiliary medical treatment when having following health problems:

type of taper





 lavender + geranium

Pressures in ears at tympanitis. Frontal mandibula/maxilla cavities, especially of acute type. Head buzzing, bad headache. Hysteria, psychical strains and stresses, overworking, insomnia, eczema of external ear.


 thyme + clove

Desinfective and cleaning effects, prevention from cold, sore throat-tonsillitis, head-cold, cough.


 mint + eucalyptus + pine

Swelling the mucous membranes, especially at disorders of the upper, respiratory organs head-cold and even allergic acute virosis, laryngitis, bronchitis accompanied with fever and complete anxiety.


 juniper + rosemary + sage

Fatigue and torpidity at hydropic, inflammations of cavities, nasal mocous, membranes and toothache.


 cinnamon + rosemary

Especially chronic states of defective, hearing, headaches, insufficient blood circulation of ear, stasis of lymph - disorder of the ear lymphatic drainage, the ear revitalizing and reinforcement of the immunity system, especially at the people of advanced age

with neutral balanced effect

 cedar wood


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